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Clay Challenge

The Clay Challenge is a twice a year opportunity for members to explore new ideas. We decide on a theme and challenge members to create something. It is not a competition, but an excuse to make something new and show it at the “reveal” meeting. These challenges are intended to be fun, spark your imagination, generate conversation and encourage you to investigate new techniques. If you have already explored the topic, we’d love to see your best work!

Next Clay Challenge: Teapots!

If you have never made a teapot (but kinda want to), perhaps it's because you never took a class where it was a required assignment, or you just don't know where to begin. For all you self-taught folks out there, now you have an assignment! Get on the internet or ask your fellow clay buddies, and learn how. For everyone else, challenge yourself to make something new or bring forth your best effort for our reveal meeting in June.

The Beatrice Wood Show is coming up at the end of the summer, and the theme is "Non-Traditional Teapots", so if you choose to make something outside box, or even non-functional, you'll be all set. 

Past Challenges

Fall 2023:
Serving Dishes inspired by the food they will hold.

Spring 2023: Alternate Firing
We had a great in person Pit Fire and Potluck Gathering on Sunday, May 21th at Arroyo Verde Park, Ventura. Here's how it went. (Click to see a slide show with captions.)


Past Clay Challenges

Fall 2022: Sgraffito

Spring 2022: Geometric/Organic
Fall 2021: Other Than Glaze
Spring 2021: Triangles

Spring 2023 Challenge: PitFire



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