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President's Message

January 2023
By Wyn Matthews
Posted: 2023-01-16T01:39:18Z

President’s Message - January 2023

Putting our Culture into Club Express

As we designed our new website we wanted to reflect our community as community and as individuals. We wanted to show who we are and what we do — in pictures and in words. But primarily in pictures; the first impact layer.

We’ve used no stock photography. Every photo on the site is our clay creations, our making spaces, our selling spaces and places, our history, our interactions. Three-quarters of current photos came from those Wyn, Terry, and Foz had access to. We want to expand our reach. 

We want your photos!

Our request is that each of you send us three favorite photos of your work. You can add to these your favorite photos of work in process, work in your studio, teaching, selfies with other Guild members, photos at events. And, as you continue to live into your pottery life and take pics you love please continue to send them.

As you can see on the site, almost all photos used are square. If you can take them square or crop them square that saves us some time. If not, and you love the photo send anyway. We’ll process them.

Send your photos to:

Who are you? What do you make?

In your Member Profile you can add a Bio, your website and social media links, and create member accessible photo albums. From “Member Directory” in the “Members” website menu you can search for a member, members in a specific city, specific zip code, or just wander through clicking on member names and discovering how they bio themselves and photo album(s) of their work. (Of course, this richness depends on us to populate this information by participating in this community aspect of our new digital home.)

Pages and Pages

If you’ll invest the time to look at each page on the website you’ll find most of our community activities represented. Our bi-annual Clay Challenge. Our growing Video Library. Our Book and DVD Library. Registration forms and important documents for Jurying, Shows, and Residency. Team Service signups. A Contact Page with a form to send an email to the Board Members and Team Leads. Our Online Store and Gallery. And… coming soon — our History and Document Library.

Club Express gives us a wide range of tools to provide easy access and integration of our many, many activities and functions. What you see now is Phase 1. There will be more tools arriving over the next few months.

A free tour of the basic functions will be provided at our January Member’s Meeting on January 23. We hope you join us. Find the Zoom link in the newsletter and on the Home Page of our website. If you’re not able to make it, a video of the tours and how-tos will be posted on YouTube with links added to the website.

And, next month… a return to more philosophical questions, “What Color is Your Life?”

Wyn Matthews, VCPG President

50+ year potter


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