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Board of Directors

To contact our Board of Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs, please visit our  Contact Page.

Board Officers


Guild members who are called to participate and contribute at a more expansive, visionary, and organizational level may choose to offer to volunteer to be one of the four legally required Guild Officers of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary. These officers are the minimum set of people legally required to be the Board of Directors.

President: Stacy Rowe 
Secretary:Rebecca Catterall
Treasurer: Wyn Matthews

Voting Committee Chairs

There are also members who are called to participate as the point person for one of our functional areas.  These Committee Chairs are also on the Board of Directors per the Guild’s ByLaws.

Programs/Workshops Chair: Foz
Communications Chair: Ruty Levy
Membership/Team Service Chair: Judy Winard
Jury Chair: OPEN
Marketing Chair: Ellen Wohlstadter
Gallery Chair: Sue Cline
Finance Chair: Wanda Ferrin
Web Services Chair: Terry Wilson




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